Welcoming The Vaporist flavours!

Welcoming The Vaporist flavours!

We are happy to announce The Vaporist flavours (www.TheVaporist.ca) are now available on the Bargain E-Juice storefront.

The Vaporist has been producing premium e-liquids since 2013. Their e-liquids are known to be some of the best fruit and coffee flavors available! 

Phil from The Vaporist has been helping Bargain E-juice since its inception with production, logistics and flavour development. He played a pivotal role in developing Miranda and reworked Circle Loops to the flavor it is today!

These amazing flavours are offered in 120ml (60ml for Double Trouble). They can be found under the E-liquid->The Vaporist section.

Link: http://bargainejuice.ca/collections/the-vaporist

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