Credit Card Processing update Posted on 18 Jan 21:52

EDIT:: The problem seems to have been fixed, CC processing is now fully functional on the website! Thank you for your patience!


We would like to apologize for not being able to process your credit card orders the past 2 days!

Shopify pushed an update on their website that broke the connection with our credit card processor. Their are aware of the problem but it seems too low priority for their developers to fix! We are not alone facing this problem.

Electronic Money Transfers still work fine!

For the time being, if you wish to place an order using your credit card, you can place an order directly from The Vaporist website.

Shipping costs are the same, with the option of free shipping with orders above 50$ containing The Vaporist E-liquids!


Once again we are sorry about the issues! Shopify sucks and their support is terrible!


The Bargain E-Juice Team

Credit card gateway issues Posted on 17 Jan 15:12

Shopify is currently experiencing technical difficulties communicating with our payment gateway. Credit card purchases might not be able to complete successfully due to an SSL Certificate error!

Please use EMT as payment method for the time being to insure your order is successful.

We will update this post as we receive information from our processor.

 Shopify, you are horrible and you suck!

The Bargain E-Juice team

December Sale! Posted on 09 Dec 11:41

December sale!

Take 10% off your complete order with coupon code "DECEMBER"

Sale valid until December 18 11h59PM!

Black Friday Sale starts NOW! Posted on 21 Nov 17:59

We're doing something different this year! We're starting our Black Friday sale earlier, and making it last a whooping 10 days!

Until Nov 30th 11h59PM, Take 20% OFF your COMPLETE order!

To unlock your 20% discount for Black Friday 2017, please take the time to submit an email to the appropriate representative! The work is done for you, all you need is to enter your name/email/postal code! Even if you aren't located in Ontario, we ask that you complete the form! We must all unite for this!

Why are we forcing you to do this? Because if Bill 174 passes, we will most likely CLOSE DOWN and no longer be able to offer you the best deals for premium e-liquids!

Your right to vape is being taken away! You MUST fight to preserve it, for yourself and future smokers who make the switch!

 If the coupon does not show, please contact us by clicking HERE

 If the coupon does not show, please click HERE

Halloween Sale! Posted on 27 Oct 09:25

Get a nice treat this Halloween!

Take 15% off your complete order with coupon code HALLOWEEN + Get a FREE 30ml 3mg sample of a "maybe" upcoming fruity flavour (Strawberry/Kiwi/Watermelon) with every order containing 50$+ of eliquid!

Sale/Samples valid until October 31 11h59PM!

Free sample offer valid while quantities last (we should be able to cover all orders!)

Thanksgiving Sale! Posted on 06 Oct 19:01

To celebrate Thanksgiving, take 15% off your complete order with coupon code "THANKS"

Offer valid until Oct 9th @ 11h59PM!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Bargain E-Juice Team

Bottle update! Posted on 06 Oct 19:00

Unfortunately we still haven't been able to get our bottles.

We were able to secure some 120mls locally to bottle the missing ones for current orders. We did some quick testing and they do not seem to present any of our previous issues with 120ml chubby gorilla style bottles.

Every order that was shipped had a little gift added for the little delay :) 

Thank you very much for your patience!

The Bargain E-Juice Team!

Order processing delayed Posted on 04 Oct 19:35

Unfortunately a shipment of empty 120ml bottles from China is being held in customs. 

They should be cleared within 24-48hrs, but will cause a delay in processing some flavours (especially custom mixes).

We have looked locally for alternatives that use the same tip as ours but were unsuccessful. We refuse to use Chubby Gorilla style tips with our previous experience.We prefer to delay your order a few days than to give you a bottle that may pop when you refill!

We are sorry about this delay! 

The Bargain E-Juice Team

Order processing paused Sept 22-27 2017! Posted on 19 Sep 19:08

Please note that order processing will be paused from September 22nd until September 27th 2017.  The team will be in France at VapExpo Paris.

Any order placed after 11h59PM on September 21 will only be processed on September 28th!

During that time, use coupon code "PARIS" to save 20% off your complete order!

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!


The Bargain E-Juice Team

CVE / Order processing! Posted on 25 Jul 09:46

We would like to thank everyone who attended the CVE Expo! We had an amazing time meeting everyone!

Order processing resumes today. Orders will ship out in the order in which they were placed. We are hoping to have all backlogged orders processed within 48hrs!



The Bargain E-Juice Team