Steeped flavour changes

Steeped flavour changes

We will be bringing some changes to our Signature line in 2020.

We will start offering our Max VG steeped flavours in 70VG/30VG. 

Max VG will still be available at the same price, but will gradually no longer be steeped and made to order.

The flavours that will be impacted by this change are:

  • The Vanilla Custard (~10%->30%PG)
  • Strawberry Ice Cream (~15%->30%PG)
  • Circle Loops V2 (~25%->30%PG)
  • Miranda (~25%->30%PG)

The changes for Miranda and Circle Loops V2 are extremely minimal (less than 5% more PG). Users should not perceive any difference between the new and old ratios. 

The Vanilla Custard (TVC) and Strawberry Ice Cream (SIC) will most definitely be impacted, since the change will be 20% and 15% more PG respectively.

Once again, they will still be available to order in the Max VG variant at the same price, but will eventually no longer be steeped and made to order!

Each respective product page will have a list of the currently steeped variant for the mg desired.

We bring this change to allow more users to take advantage of our Signature Line at 14.99$, since many new atomizers can have problems wicking 85-90%VG e-liquids.

All other Signature Line flavours are already 70VG/30PG (SKW, SPL, TMG, POG)!

The Vaporist Team

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