Adressing the Shipping delays!

Adressing the Shipping delays!

This is a followup to our previous Canada Post update:

In order to address the shipping delays caused by Canada Post, we have removed the Xpresspost shipping option.

With the current situation, we strongly feel there is nothing to gain from using this service since the time that was supposed to be saved in transit will be wasted at the hub waiting for the package to be processed! Once operations at Canada Post fully recover from their backlog, we will re-enable this option.

For those who wish to receive their order ASAP, we are now offering a Canpar shipping option. Unlike Canada Post, the Canpar ecosystem isn't backlogged. Shipments using this method should transit at regular ground speed.

This service is more expensive than Canada Post and logistically not integrated into our process (very inefficient). We will be offering this shipping option for a flat subsidized fee of 12$(Qc/Ont) and 16$(Rest of Canada).

Please note that Canpar CANNOT deliver to PO Boxes! Canpar pickups occur around noon, therefore most orders will be shipped next day!

Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned reasons, we will not be using that shipping option for the Free Shipping promotion! Orders which take advantage of the free shipping promo will be shipped via Canada Post.

The Canada Post delays have forced us to postpone our 6th Anniversary sale from April to May! We will be announcing them very soon!

The Vaporist Team


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