Tobacco (120ml)
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Tobacco (120ml)

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A basic and very good tobacco flavor!

We recommend letting the bottle age for 2-3 weeks for full flavour! This is one of those flavours that completely changes once steeped!


All of our flavors come in 120ml bottles.

Available in 0, 1.5, 3, 6, 12 mg.

Custom Flavor & Menthol shots available!

  • Menthol shots will add a small percentage of menthol to the mix, providing a fresher hit!
  • Flavour shot will provide 1.5x-2x more flavouring depending on the flavour. We strongly recommend trying he flavour without a shot before ordering as we do not skimp on flavouring! An extra fee of 0.99$ is added to the unit cost when selecting this option. Selecting this option can increase the PG ratio chosen by up to 15%! We recommend choosing 70VG/30PG or Max VG when selecting this option! 

Please note that all flavours except noted are made to order and not aged (steeped).

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