What's in The Vaporist & Bargain E-Juice E-liquids

What's in The Vaporist & Bargain E-Juice E-liquids

At The Vaporist, we pride ourselves on our products, manufacturing standards and quality of work!

Since our beginning 5+ years ago, we have always made sure our customers get the best and highest quality Canadian e-liquids on the market!

The same high quality ingredients go in both The Vaporist and Bargain E-Juice liquids!

The ingredients list and the provenance are as follows:

- Vegetable Glycerin USP 99.7%, sourced from a multinational pharmaceutical company with offices in Ontario
- Propylene Glycol USP 99.7%, source from the same pharmaceutical company
- Nicotine USP 99.7% in 10% concentration suspended in propylene glycol 99.7% USP (same source as above), sourced from an Ontario pharmaceutical company
- Artifical Food flavouring, USP grade, GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe for ingestion) from the top USA and European manufacturers

We are fully TVPA and CCR2001 compliant, and have been for years before the regulations were imposed in Canada (tamper proof and batch tracing for every ingredient)!

Our manufacturing process takes places in our ISO 7 Certified lab using very strict production protocols. We don't cut corners and work hard to ensure consistency!

We have never used any of the following in any of our products:

- No vitamins
- No Lipids or fatty acids
- No Food coloring

Bill S-5, which received Royal Assent May 23 2018 specifically prohibits the use of any of these compounds in ANY non-prescription vaping products for sale in Canada: Amino acids, Caffeine, Colouring agents, Essential fatty acids, Glucuronolactone, Probiotics, Taurine, Vitamins, Mineral nutrients.

You can always have confidence when purchasing our products. As vapers ourselves, we almost exclusively consumme our products!

Pictures of our current lab in operation:
Outside view of lab

The Vaporist Inc

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