Postcards included with every order shipped!

Postcards included with every order shipped!

Last week, Health Canada sent out a notice of intent in regards to a new set of regulations for the Vaping Industry (Link HERE). These included a possible ban on flavours!

It was suggested that the Minister of Health hear from vapers. The Vapor Advocates of Ontario have designed a postcard to address this!

We have printed that postcard and are including it with every order shipped.

Simply fill in the blanks and drop it in a mailbox! No postage is required!

If every vaper does this, we believe it will have a significant impact on the removal of a proposed flavour ban!

If you are not placing an order and would still like to send a postcard, please contact us at and will gladly mail you one!

To shops: We will gladly send you a stack of postcards to provide your customers! Simply contact us at! If you would like to get the original files for the postcard, please send an email to

The Vaporist Team

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