Free Shipping Threshold Increase

As we had previously announced in our Excise Tax blog post, we intend to increase our Free Shipping threshold to account for the new Excise Tax.

As most companies not on the Shopify platform have done, we would like to preserve our 50$ Free Shipping threshold and apply it to orders excluding the excise tax.

It appears setting up this framework is a much more complex task than we thought!

While we find a way to deploy this framework, we will be increasing the Free Shipping Threshold to 100$.

This may seem like a big increase, but please remember the tax represents close to 50% of our steeped product pricing! This tax is directly given to the government.

To reach the 50$ threshold before the excise tax was implemented, 3.12 bottles of our steeped lineup at 15.99$ had to be purchased: 50$/15.99$ = 3.1269. If we neglect the new overhead costs of managing/applying stamps and run the same calculations including the tax: 3.1269*(15.99$+16$) = 100.03$

We are hoping to have the new framework deployed soon and apologize for the confusion this may create.

This also puts us at a disadvantage as we will appear to be more expensive than the competition BEFORE the Checkout Page! We remain the most affordable option for ISO 7 Lab Made Canadian E-Liquid and we promise that will not change :)

The Vaporist Team

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