Excise Tax Fee Implementation +  55$ Free Shipping Threshold

Excise Tax Fee Implementation + 55$ Free Shipping Threshold

We have been hard at work in the background trying to find a way to separate the excise duty fee from the bottle pricing.

This would allow a more transparent breakdown of both prices and reduce the confusion with the increased pricing.

With our new implementation, the excise tax will be displayed and charged as a separate product in the cart and checkout process. This also allows us to separate the excise tax from the Free Shipping threshold.

The tax will no longer be counted towards the Free Shipping threshold, allowing us to reduce it to pre-excise tax levels. 

We are lowing the Free Shipping threshold to 55$ excluding excise and sales tax. 

A few things to note with this implementation:

- The cart subtotal will include the excise tax, which will not provide a good representation of when you reach the 55$ threshold before tax.

- The Free Shipping Threshold does not take discount codes into account. The threshold will be reduced by the percentage of the sale (55$ to 50$ during 10% off sales)

- It is normal for the cart icon to show 2x the amount of products selected since every product also adds an excise tax product. This is not a bug since the excise tax is an actual "product" with this implementation.

- It is also normal to see 2 Free Shipping options after a certain threshold. We are using a fallback in case something goes wrong! They are both the same!

- Bugs can happen. If the excise tax is omitted from an order, we reserve ourselves the right to cancel/refund the order.

- Unfortunately we still cannot remove the tax for International orders. We are still looking for solutions to this problem.

We are proud to remain the most affordable option for ISO 7 Lab made E-Liquids in Canada!

The Vaporist Team


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