Canada Post Strike update

Canada Post Strike update

We have been monitoring package transit during this rotating strike.

It would seem the most affected area is the GTA, with the Missisauga hub having huge backlogs.

All shipments that need to transit via that hub will most likely suffer considerable delays.

We strongly recommend customers that can be affected to plan ahead and order in advance!

We are looking into offering a Fedex shipping option within the next few days, but that solution will be costly (~2x shipping prices).

We would not recommend that option for people outside the GTA!

Please note that as per our terms and policy, we cannot be held responsible for shipping delays caused by a 3rd party.

This strike is becoming ridiculous and only hurting Canada Posts customers on both ends (shippers and receivers)!

We would like to apologize for the issues! We are all hoping it will end soon!

The Bargain E-Juice Team

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