Canada Post Shipping Delays Summary

Canada Post Shipping Delays Summary

We decided to dedicate a post to address all the Canada Post delays and provide updates as we receive them. This will allow us to have a central post with all updates instead of having them scattered into multiple posts! We will update this post as required to keep everyone informed of the current delay status.

The Canada Post supply chain was heavily overloaded due to COVID-19 and online ordering. Canada Post is currently seeing its highest level of volume, surpassing the Christmas period (which usually is its highest period of the year). We were informed by our rep that Canada Post is handling as much as 2 million parcels per day!

Unfortunately Canada Post uses a weird processing system. Daily orders are processed in a FIFO (First In First Out) system until it is maxed out for the day. A fixed number of packages can be shipped daily from one hub to another.

Any order that is not processed that day falls into the backlog. The backlog is only processed on days where the system is not maxed out. This is the reason why some packages transit at normal speed while others are delayed indefinitely. Because of their processing system, these delays are completely sporadic and cannot be controlled.

We are currently offering a Canpar Ground shipping option for those who do not wish to take a gamble with delays. While it should be faster than Canada Post, please note that it is still a ground service, meaning transit of packages to Western Canada can take 6-9 days since it is hauled in a truck across the country!

2020-09-16: Canada Post provided a Network status update:

Canada Post continues to see significantly increased parcel volumes as Canadians adopt different shopping behaviours during COVID-19. Given the high volumes and the important safety measures in place throughout our network to protect Canadians and our employees, including physical distancing, we are adding one day to our standard delivery dates, as of September 21, 2020. As well, our on-time guarantee remains suspended.

While we have adjusted our delivery standards to manage expectations, we remain committed to providing timely and reliable service. However, given the unpredictability of the COVID-19 situation, delivery standards remain subject to change.


2020-06-09: We have been informed that in an effort to reduce their backlog, Canada Post has temporarily put a hold on activating any new customers and has capped certain high volume shippers. They released the official statement below:

Canadians should anticipate parcel delays for the foreseeable future, even as Canada Post delivers at record levels. As consumers continue to ramp up and diversify their online shopping, we’re responding to unprecedented parcel volumes, while maintaining important physical distancing measures in all our facilities. Processing record parcel volumes in plants that were never designed to keep people two metres apart takes more time.

All of our processing facilities across the country remain at maximum capacity and are facing some challenges with backlog that are creating significant delays. We’re reaching out to some commercial customers in Montréal and in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and implementing some short-term restrictions to help manage our backlog situation. We are hopeful that these restrictions will assist us in addressing the backlog over the coming weeks.

2020-07-10: We received an update from Canada Post informing us that they have added temp workers on the lines to reduce their backlogs. Hopefully this will work as there are still many of our packages in their backlogs! 

2020-05-24:  We contacted our rep to obtain more information on some packages that are simply not showing any movement. We were informed some packages might not see a scan until delivery. Our rep specifically looked at our manifests and confirmed this.

Please note that it is extremely unlikely that your package is lost! In the exceptional case that it is, rest assured that we will reship your order without hesitation!

For the time being, please expect delays when ordering using the Canada Post Expedited or Free Shipping option! 


2020-05-04: In order to address the shipping delays caused by Canada Post, we have removed the Xpresspost shipping option.

With the current situation, we strongly feel there is nothing to gain from using this service since the time that was supposed to be saved in transit will be wasted at the hub waiting for the package to be processed! Once operations at Canada Post fully recover from their backlog, we will re-enable this option.

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