Canada Post Shipping Delays!

Canada Post Shipping Delays!

We noticed an extremely high percentage of our shipments being stuck in Canada Post hubs or in transit. 

We were informed today that the Canada Post infrastructure is currently overloaded and that delays should be expected.

Our rep informed us that many packages are not receiving update scans and simply moving forward to reach their destination! it is extremely unlikely packages are lost. 

A new web page was created by Canada Post to display the current network status:

2021-03-24: We are still seeing delays across the board. Shipments still hit or miss.

2021-02-25: Canada Post is still overloaded. Shipments still hit or miss

2021-02-10: Missisauga hub slowly recovering. Shipments are very hit or miss!

2021-01-20: Canada Post is still experiencing heavy delays on some packages. Transit is very hit or miss. 121 covid cases at the Canada Post Missisauga hub!

2020-12-15: We have been informed that some trailers were not unloaded and forgotten at hubs. They should be unloaded this week! Full Post HERE

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these times.

The Vaporist Team

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