Canada Post Delays, Update #2


We are writing this update due to the increased volume of emails requesting a status update on their shipment.

Our previous post outlined the delays that Canada Post is currently facing. Link to previous blog post:

We would like to add that unfortunately, Canada Post does not seem to be using a FIFO (First In First Out) priority basis on shipments but more of a "backlog remains in the backlog" process, where new shipments are processed as they come in and the backlog is reduced once the new shipments are processed.

We are also seeing many rerouting "errors" for orders.

Since we are not Canada Post, we unfortunately do not have access to any more information than what is provided by their tracking. 

To put it bluntly, this really sucks, but sadly we have zero control over the processes at Canada Post.

Unless your order hasn't updated since the pickup scan occurred, do not worry, your package is in transit and will make it to its destination!

The Vaporist Team


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