SALE: 30% Discount Code to help Save Flavours!

SALE: 30% Discount Code to help Save Flavours!

Health Canada has officially announced that it will ban flavours besides very specific tobaccos that they approve and menthol. Links HERE and HERE

The livelihood of current and future vapers is at stake! If this ban becomes law, most B&M stores and online stores will close down.

A petition was created in the House of Commons. The petition ends on June 29th at 3h48PM EDT. We need to gather as many signatures as possible before that date!

We are offering a 30% discount code to everyone who signs the petition before June 29th 3h47PM! The coupon can be used at anytime until August 31st! To get access to the coupon code, you must have followed the procedure before June 30th 2021. No Rainchecks. To clarify: emails sent after June 30th will NOT be processed and eligible for the coupon!


To redeem your 30% OFF coupon code, sign the petition, confirm your support of the petition by clicking the link sent in your email, and forward us a copy of the email sent from the house of commons to petition@bargainejuice.caPlease note this process is not currently automated, so please allow 24-36hrs to receive the discount code! Do not forward the email to mail@bargainejuice, it will simply be ignored!

Please make sure to use the same email used to place orders on our website. Your email will be added to the list eligible for the coupon.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Goto:
  2. Click "Sign the petition" at the bottom of the page
  3. Fill in the information (make sure to use the same email as the one used on our website) and click "SIGN"
  4. After clicking "SIGN", You should receive the first confirmation:
  5. Check your email Inbox for an email from "" titled "House of Commons Petitions / Pétitions de la Chambre des communes"
  6. Open that email and click the link titled "Please confirm your support to complete the process" or "Veuillez confirmer votre appui afin de compléter le processus"
  7. After clicking the link, you should receive the final confirmation:
  8. Forward the email in step 5/6
  9. We will reply to your email with the coupon code. 

Hopefully we will be able to make them understand flavours are needed to help people transitioning and currently vaping!

Stay Safe and In Health!

The Vaporist Team

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